Breed: date of birth: Kennel Club No:  Owner: R.Bramwell
English Springer Spaniel 13-03-2011
sex: Breeder: Date of Registration:
Dog R.Bramwell
colours and markings: Name of Dog:  Finno Lad of Rowansbourne Kennel Club Stud No:
Liver and White
Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Gt:Gt Grandparents
Sire.   Sire.   Sire.   Sire.  
        FTCH Dawsonleigh Chance         FTCH Rytex Rolex            FTCH Kettlestang Comet   FTCH Trebornal Tact  
              Maesydderwen Magic  
      Dam.   Sire.  
Name and Address of Owner.            FTCH Clarburgh Amy   FTCH Kenine Robb of Rytex  
Mr D J Openshaw                   FTCH Sunnybrae Siskin  
38 Heaton Street   Dam.   Sire.   Sire.  
Standish            FTCH Rosebay Tara            FTCH Clarburgh Art   FTCH Kenine Robb of Rytex  
Nr Wigan       Dam.  
WN6 0DA             FTCH Sunnybrae Siskin  
      Dam.   Sire.  
              FTCH Craighaar Holly   FTCH Kettlestang Comet  
                        FTCH Moonreed Amy  
Dam.   Sire.   Sire.   Sire.  
        FTCH Fernbergha Starlight         FTCH Trawsgoed Lad           FTCH Windmillwood Shot        FTCH Hamers Hale  
                   FTW Windmillwood Super Skeet
      Dam.   Sire.  
Name and Address of Owner.           Meggan of Ceridigion        FTCH Cortman Lane  
Mr R Bramwell                        Windmillwood Snowflake  
Little Acres   Dam.   Sire.   Sire.  
High Street           Fernbergha Petite Fleur           FTCH Clarburgh Art        FTCH Kennine Robb of Rytex
Austerfield       Dam.  
DN10 6QU                  FTCH Sunnybrae Siskin  
      Dam.   Sire.  
              Linstead Polly        FTCH Rytex Rod    
                             FTCH Tynalden Dancer  
Honours Obtained
I certify this pedigreeto be correct to the best of my knowledge